Tibet Trekking Tour

Tibet Trekking, the highest land on earth. It is a trekker’s dream. see why and When?

There are 5 classic and popular hiking itineraries around the Tibet regions.

  • Best long trek – Ganden to Samye,
  • Easy short trek – Shalu to Nartang,
  • Favorite┬ácultural trek – Mt.Kailash,
  • Trek to spot wildlife – Nyenchen Tanglha, and
  • Trek to follow great explorers – Mt.Everest base camp or Advance base camp.

As a Tibetan local tour operator, we can provide the most comprehensive and professional trekking support. Including, the expedition cooking soup, trekking animals and porters. Also high-quality trekking equipment and trained trekking tour guides to fulfill your lifetime experience on the Tibetan plateau.

Mt Kailash Pilgrim

14 Days
Mount Kailash, Manasarovar Lake, Saga

Ganden Samye Trekking

11 Days and 10 Nights
Ganden, Samye, Tsedang

Tsurphu Trekking

9 Days
Tsurphu, Yangpachen, Nyachentangla

Tingri – Mt Everest

12 Days
Dingri, Everest, Lhatse, Sakya

Shalu – Nartang

11 Days and 10 Nights
Gyangtse, Shalu, Ngor, Shigatse