Tibet Attractions

When people talk about Tibet attractions, we obviously think about Tibet itself however there are several areas in other provinces of China where Tibetan people reside. They share the same Tibetan language, culture and enjoy similar landscapes. There are 3 different Tibetan dialects in the Tibetan language. They are U-Tsang, Amdo and Khampa. U-Tsangg is used in most areas in the plateau west of Lhasa. Amdo is used in Tibetan areas in Qinghai, Gangsu and Sichuan, which is mainly prairie country and famous for its horses. Khampa comes from Western Sichuan, Diqing in Yunnan and the Chamdo area of Tibet. It is known for its valiant men and charming women.

The areas are administered by different provincial governments. Besides Tibet, Tibetan area includes 2 prefectures of West Sichuan, 6 prefectures in Qinghai Province, 1 prefecture in Yunnan Province and 2 prefectures of Gansu Province.