Sera Monastery

About Sera Monastery

The Sera Monastery is the representative monastery of the Gelugpa of the Tibetan Buddhism. It lies on the southern slope of the Sera woze Mountain in the northern suburbs of Lhasa. The monastery was built by Shakya Yeshi, one of the disciples of Tsongkhapa who was the founder of Gelugpa of the Tibet Buddhism in 1419. It is one of the six main monasteries of the Gelugpa sect of the Tibetan Buddhism. As one of the three main monasteries of Lhasa. by name itslef, Some people believe it means “hailstone”, while others believe it means “raspberry”, the full name of the monastery is “Sera Thekchen-ling Monastery”. it is here that the monks “famous daily debates” take place.

Location: It is located in the southern slope of the Serawoze Mountain of the northern suburb of Lhasa.

Open Hours: 9:00-16:00

Admission Free: RMB¥50


The full name of Sera Monastery is “Sera Thekchen-ling Monastery”. There are two legends about the origin of the name. One is that it was hailing when the monastery built its basement, hailstone pronounces “sera” in the Tibetan language, so when the monastery was built, it was named “Sera Monastery”; another legend is that the monastery was surrounded by a grove of rose trees, and rose also pronounces “sera” in the Tibetan language, so Sera Monastery means “the rose monastery” in Tibetan language.

The Sera Monastery was built by SagyaYexei who was the devoted disciple of Tsongkhapa in 1419. On behalf of his master, SagyaYexei went to Nanjing to pay homage to the Ming Dynasty Yongle emperor, who granted him the honorific title “Western Paradise Buddha Grand State Tutor”, and a large number of sutras, Buddhist statues, monks robes, silks, gold and silver, which were used to build Sera Monastery.

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