Lanzhou – Lhasa Trains

Lanzhou is the capital city of Gansu Province in northwest China and used to be a very important point on the ancient Silk Road. As it is nearest Xining, the beginning of Qinghai Tibet Railway, there is a train departs from Lanzhou to Lhasa every other days, and the trains to Tibet which come from inland China all make a stop in Lanzhou.

Lanzhou to Lhasa Train Route Map

Chongqing Lhasa Train Route Map

One Train Originally departs from Lanzhou while others just pass by

Important Notice

*** Lanzhou is only 240km away from Xining, the beginning train station of Qinghai Tibet Railway (by bus 2.5 hours, by train 2 hours and 20 minutes.). However, Lanzhou to Lhasa train departs every other day, if there is no train on the day, tourists may take a fast train from Lanzhou to Xining and then transfer the train to Lhasa in Xining.

*** Foreign tourists are required to show Tibet Travel Permit when checking in.

*** Big cities in China like Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou.. have regular flights to Lanzhou every day, tourists may go to Lanzhou by plane then go to Lhasa by train.

Find your way to Lanzhou Railway Sation
Location: Chengguan District, Lanzhou, Gansu Province along Huochezhan Dong Road (火车站东路)


  • The timetable above is just for reference.
  • We can NOT offer ticket-only service. According to the Tibet Government, foreign visitors must book a tour from a travel agency and obtain a Tibet Entry Permit before booking Tibet train ticket.
  • Tibet train tickets are quite popular and always sold out quickly, please make your enquiry at least 3-5 months before your departure date.
  • Because the hard and soft sleeper tickets from Chengdu to Lhasa are few and hard to get, we recommend you to take a flight to Xining, and then take train from Xining to Lhasa.

You are free to contact us for an enquiry about customizing a Tibet tour with flight to Tibet. A quick reply will be sent to you within 24 hours.

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