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Funerial Services

In Tibet, the funeral services inherit the traditional custom including Stupa Burial, Cremation, Celestial Burial, water burial, earth burial. The funeral services must follow the rigid hierarchy of ranks, sharp demarcation. Which service should be taken also mainly depends on the divination from Lama. Stupa Burial Tibetan Funeral Services, This is a noble funeral service […]

Prayer Wheel

Tibetan people believe in Lamaism. The believers must recite or chant Buddhism scriptures very often. For illiterate people, what they can do is to turn prayer wheels, with scriptures inside. Turning the prayer wheel is equivalent to chanting some scriptures and it has become routine work for Tibetan people. A lot of Tibetans keep portable […]

Small Pagoda

Making small pagoda is a religious custom in Tibet. People firstly make a clay impression of a pagoda and bake it. The result is a pottery pagoda. The pagoda is of cone shape, and different sizes. Inside the pagoda, there are a small piece of paper written with spell, and a small amount of highland […]


On the roads to Lhasa, from time to time you can see Buddhists prostrating. They begin their journey from their home and keep on prostrating all the way to Lhasa. They wear hand pads (protective appliance on their hands), kneepads, and a protective leather upper outer garment. With dusts on their faces, with the innumerable […]


Presenting Khada is a kind of very common courtesy. Khada is a long piece of silk used as a greeting gift. In Tibet, it is a custom to present Khada to the guests in the occasion of wedding and funeral. It is also common when people visit senior people, worship Buddha statues, and bid farewell […]

Amdo Noddle

Amdo, where Tibetan people live, refers to the region where Qinghai, Gansu and northwestern Sichuan Province border each other. Tibetans living in this region like to eat a kind of dough strips – Amdo dough strips very much. It is the common wheaten food in Tibetan families. Method of making: 1. Add some hot water […]

Tashi Lhunpo monastery

Lying at foot of Nyima mountain in the outskirts of Shigatse, The TashiLhunpo Monastery was built in 1447 under supervision of the first Dalai Lama Gedhun Drupa,one of the disciples of great Master Tsongkapa. Later it has served as the dwelling place for Respetive Panchen Lama. The TashiLhunpo Monastery contains a 22.4 m high glided […]

Kubum Monastery

Kubum Monastery

Ta’er Monastery (塔尔寺), also known as Kumbum Monastery, is located in Qinghai Province, in the county of Huangzhong, which is more than 20 km from Xining proper. It was built mainly for the Gelugpa Sect, Hence, the monastery is more than a home for the monks; it’s also one of the sacred grounds in the […]