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Ganden Monastery

Ganden monastery is the greatest and the oldest monastery of the Gelug Sect, which is also called one of “the three principal monasteries” (the other two are Drepung Monastery and Sera Monastery). At its peak, it had a registration of more than 4,000 monks. TsongKhapa, founder of Gelug Sect, established it as the first Gelug […]

Sera Monastery

About Sera Monastery The Sera Monastery is the representative monastery of the Gelugpa of the Tibetan Buddhism. It lies on the southern slope of the Sera woze Mountain in the northern suburbs of Lhasa. The monastery was built by Shakya Yeshi, one of the disciples of Tsongkhapa who was the founder of Gelugpa of the […]

Jokhang Temple

About Jokhang Temple Brief introduction Located in the center of old Lhasa city, the Jokhang temple is a prime seat of the of the Tibetan Buddhism, inside we will see lots of statues from different sects. It was first built in 647AD. Main statue inside is life sized statue of Sakyamuni at the age of […]

Potala Palace

About Potala palace Mainly comprised by the White Palace (administrate building) and the Red Palace (Religious building), the Potala Palace is famous for its grand buildings, complicated constructions, devotional atmosphere and splendid artworks. The White Palace, comprising halls, temples and courtyards, serves as the living quarters of the Dalai Lama. From the east entrance of […]

Our trip to Tibet

Lhasa, the capital of the Tibet, and Potala palace is the sanctuary and also the politician center of the Tibetan, everyday in the morning the Tibetan come to front of the Potala palace and pray. Now it is the period of the Olympics games, Lhasa had a rebellion in the April of this year, there […]