Amdo Noddle

Amdo, where Tibetan people live, refers to the region where Qinghai, Gansu and northwestern Sichuan Province border each other. Tibetans living in this region like to eat a kind of dough strips – Amdo dough strips very much. It is the common wheaten food in Tibetan families.

Method of making:
1. Add some hot water to the flour and knead it into a ball, which is a little softer than the kneaded flour for making noodles. Then cut the ball into thick 4-cun-long strips (cun is a unit of length, equal to 1/3 decimeters)

2. Put the dough strips one by one on a board, apply some cooking oil on the surface, cover them with a piece of clean cloth and place them there for several minutes.

3. Prepare the meat broth. Add some sheep meat, salt to the water, and boil it.

4. Press the prepared dough strip flat, then stretch the strip gradually and put it around your left wrist and hold one end of the strip with the left hand. Pull the strip into smaller pieces with your right hand and put them into the meat soup and cook. The cooked dough strip will be ready in a few minutes, add some spices to your own taste.

Feature: Tasty, delicious, tender and appetizing.

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